There is a vulnerability in the iPhone that allows malware to be used even when the smartphone is turned off. This is reported by the publication ArsTechnica.

Experts from the University of Darmstadt (Germany) found a vulnerability in Apple smartphones related to the low power mode (LPM). In this mode, the phone is actually turned off, but some of its chips continue to work. This is required for using Apple Pay cards and for the device to be found in Lost Mode.

In their study, the authors noticed that in this state, the iPhone continues to transmit data over an insecure channel. Experts described the theoretical possibility of hacking the device and infecting it with a virus, which, after launch, could remain active even if the device is turned off.

Описано можливість запуску вірусу на вимкненому iPhone

German scientists have concluded that an active virus is extremely difficult to detect, as the smartphone will be in low power mode. Experts turned to Apple, but the corporation’s engineers did not respond to the remarks of scientists. ArsTechnica journalists asked Apple representatives to comment on the message, but did not receive a prompt response from the company.

At the beginning of the year, ZecOps specialists created a Trojan that mimics the process of turning off an Apple smartphone. According to experts, when using it, it may seem to the victim that the phone is turned off, although in fact the device will continue to work.