Professor, academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, toxicologist Mikhail Kutushov, in an interview with, called the dangers that cat owners can expect. kit1d4According to him, living with pets can lead to dangerous and even fatal diseases in their owners if the animal comes into contact with others.

“The history of cohabitation with pets goes back hundreds of thousands of years. Animals helped to survive in the wild, but they also carried infectious diseases that were unique to them as permanent or intermediate hosts. With close contact with cats, there is a danger of getting parasitic, viral and bacterial diseases,” the specialist said.

He noted that the main diseases that can appear in humans due to cats are rabies, ringworm, helminthiases, toxoplasmosis, campylobacteriosis, chlamydia, salmonellosis, tularemia, tuberculosis, leptospirosis, pasteurellosis, tularemia, yersiniosis, and many others. Kutushov explained that if the pet does not leave the limits of his apartment, the risks of transferring dangerous diseases are noticeably reduced.